Main Rage costs 100% Rage.

Weapon Attributes

Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker

Effect: Community Sparkle

  • +500% Damage Bonus
  • +75% sentry damage resistance on wearer
  • -30% reduction in push force taken from damage
  • +30% greater jump height when active

Halloween: Headless Horseshoes Halloween: Exorcism


Killed players will be replaced by a cardboard tombstone.

Battle Strategies

Battling as Nightmare Moon

Battling against Nightmare Moon

Video Demo

Team Fotress 2-Freak Fortress 2-Nightmare Moon04:24

Team Fotress 2-Freak Fortress 2-Nightmare Moon


  • LEFT MOUSE fires your active weapon.
  • Holding RIGHT MOUSE will charge the Super Jump.
  • CALL FOR MEDIC (E) activates the Main Rage.


- Unknown Title


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